Have a general question or interested in booking an event?   You can contact Mike at this email address . . .  

FOR GENERAL INFORMATION . . .  email us here: mandaloriancaptures@gmail.com

Gallery Information   📸

Already attended an event and would like to view a gallery? 

Just provide us with the following information and you will hear from us shortly . . .  

FOR A GALLERY REQUEST . . .  email us here:  mandosignup@gmail.com

  • Your Name
  • Event Name/Date(s) of the event
  • Approximate time of day you participated
  • Disciplines  - Big Air, Distance, EV, AR, SR, Hydro, FastCAT, CAT, etc.
  • Information about your dog(s) - Name, Breed, Coloring, etc.

Purchase Information   🏦

If you would like to order photos from the gallery we will send you pricing information based on the type of event and ask you for the file numbers from the gallery.

 We prefer to use Paypal for the transaction and usually send you the files via a dropbox folder so it helps if you are familiar with dropbox and using it for the file downloads.  It's very easy for both mobile (app) and desktop devices.

Digital Files are approximately 10M in size (High Resolution) and can be used to print nicely at 300dpi up to 8x10 at a place of your choosing as well as posting to Social Media.  Much better than the 1M low res/4M high res options offered elsewhere . . . ;-) 

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