Stone City Kennel Club
  Fast CAT

June 25 - June 26, 2022
 New Lenox , Illinois 

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This event is closed for signups as of 8/1/2022

Gallery Information      📸

If you are interested in viewing and ordering images of your favorite Canines from this event we have made it very easy !

You won't need to hunt through large galleries or scan the entire event.

Just send us an email with the following information and we will filter and edit photos of just your dog, construct a gallery and send you the link.

  • Your Name
  • Event Name/Date(s) of the event
  • Approximate time of day you participated AND number of runs (including re-runs)
  • Information about your dog(s) - Dogs Call Name, Breed, Coloring, Collar, etc.

Purchase Information    🏦

If you would like to order photos from the gallery we will send you pricing information based on the type of event and ask you for the file numbers from the gallery.  Some events, depending on location, may require a pre-payment before the gallery can be edited.

➡️  Requested galleries from the signup will be posted here  . . . we edit the event in the order the requests are received.

➡️  Active link (blue)  indicates a gallery that is complete,  in work or "on deck". . . . won't be too long of a wait after the link goes active

➡️  Placeholders (black) are the names on the signup list that will be up within the predicted edit time frame for the event

➡️  Our photos are the final Hi Res edit and not a quick "proof" edit that could have flaws you can't see when viewing a rough proof file. Takes a little longer but definitely worth it 😉

➡️  Large galleries with multiple dogs (3-5) running multiple days usually take longer  . . . it adds up!

➡️  Edits start right away after the event and usually finish up within 2-3 weeks unless there is an abnormally high sign-up.

Looking for faster run times and nicer photos ?!?!?
Here are some "Pro Tips"

The absolute best results for both your dog's run times and giving the photographer a chance at a photo, will always come from getting your dog to make a full speed run through the finish line timers and stopping back in the center of the catch area where the lure operator stops the bag and the photographer is sitting.

Please try and do your best to not block the photographer

The  catch person should plan on being as far back in the catch area behind the bag stop/ next to the photographer as possible.   Please don't slow your dog down early by blocking them from the reward (the bag)!  Let them have fun  . . .

If your dog is doing a recall and not chasing the lure, no problem . . . just place yourself in the same spot as where the lure stops.  You will be the reward . . . the dog doesn't care where that happens 😉

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