Tri-County Agility Club of Missouri  - FastCAT

April 16- April 17, 2022 -  Purina Farms

Gallery Information      📸

If you are interested in viewing and ordering images of your favorite Canines from this event we have made it very easy !

 You won't need to hunt through large galleries or scan the entire event . . . just send us an email with the following information and we will filter and edit photos of just your dog, construct a gallery and send you the link . . . . 

  • Your Name
  • Event Name/Date(s) of the event
  • Approximate time of day you participated
  • Information about your dog(s) - Name, Breed, Coloring, Collar, etc.

email us here - - - ->

Depending on the workload, we try and finish up a typical 2 day event within 2 weeks.   Our photos are completely edited so you won't be looking at rough "proof photos" that often don't look as good when you see them up close and personal.

Purchase Information    🏦

If you would like to order photos from the gallery we will send you pricing information based on the type of event and ask you for the file numbers from the gallery.    We prefer to use Paypal for the transaction and usually send you the files via a dropbox folder so it helps if you are familiar with dropbox and using it for the file downloads.  It's very easy for both mobile (app) and desktop devices.

Digital Files are approximately 10M in size (High Resolution) and can be used to print nicely at 300dpi up to 8x10 at a place of your choosing as well as posting to Social Media.  Much better than the 1M low res/4M high res options offered elsewhere . . . ;-) 

Copyright Information   ©

The images you purchase  are all yours for personal projects, social media, printing and fun dog stuff ! 

They are copyrighted however, so we ask you take care and not resell or allow them to be used in commercial, for-profit endeavors.  

More edited galleries from this event will be posted here soon . . . 
If you don't see your name yet, don't worry . . . we have your email request and will process it shortly
Thanks for your patience!


Looking for faster run times and nicer photos ?!?!?

Here are some "Pro Tips"  😎

The absolute best results for both your dog's run times and giving the photographer a chance at a photo, will always come from getting your dog to make a full speed run through the finish line timers and stopping back in the catch area where the lure operator stops the bag.   

That means your catch person should plan on being as far back in the catch area behind the bag stop as possible.   If you need to be near the finish line to let your dog see you when the run begins, no problem . . . make sure you had Wheaties for breakfast and start jogging (running!!) back to the end of the catch area as your dog nears the finish . . . don't slow your dog down early by blocking them from the reward (the bag)!  Let them have fun  . . .

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